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Junwex New Russian Style 2013

YARRA participated in one of the most significant events for Russian Jewellery market, that defines the main summer jewellery trends for Russian women all over the country!

YARRA presented its stylish silver to 31 016 visitors as one of the main players of Russian jewellery market among 612 other participating companies and 7 231 specialists in the field.

YARRA’s exhibition booth, exclusively designed for the company, and its innovative presentation technique have attracted many unique visitors, including new clients!

Thanks to the convenient layout of the exquisite silver jewellery and the hospitality of YARRA’s team, the total sum of selections was tremendous!
The assortment range presented during the exhibition was mind-blowing as usual and included new items from best-selling brands such as Sandara and AS, not to forget amazingly beautiful pieces by Monella and the latest designs from famous Hot Diamonds, UK.


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